Blogging 101: Session 2 Review

Just for fun here is a video on “What is a Blog?”

Also – if you are interested in some follow-up learning, WordPress is running a bunch of online Writing 101 course in November:

And here are the follow-up resources from Session 2.

Scheduling Content – Schedule a Post

Connecting your Blog to Social Media – Publicize – Connect

Adding Videos to Your Posts – YouTube – Video Help Articles

Advanced Customizing

Custom Design is part of the Premium and Business packages.

This post outlines free themes that have more customization options: Awesome (and Free) Theme Options You Might Not Know About

Changing  Your Username or Blog URL

Changing Your Username: WordPress Help: Change Your Username

Changing Your Blog Address: WordPress Help: Changing a Blog Address

Adding and Deleting Blogs to your Account

To Create another blog:

  1. Click on your username in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Mange My Blogs”
  3. Click on “Create Another Blog”

You found the alt text!

Deleting a Blog: WordPress Help: Delete Site

Tips on Adding Photos, and moving them within a post

Image Sources

Inserting a Photo into a post: WordPress Help: Images

Placing Images in Your Post: WordPress Help: Image Alignment

Managing Comments and Spam

WordPress Help: Manage Comments

WordPress Help: Unwanted Comments

WordPress Topic: Comments


Since we weren’t able to chat about widgets:

WordPress Topics: Widget and Sidebars

Thank you so much for taking part in these sessions! It was great to work with you all.


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